The take of other agencies on transvaginal mesh patch recall

The case of the transvaginal mesh patch recall, which the masses has been pushing for in the states met a sort of dilly dallying by the agency that is saddled with the responsibility of taking care of the administration of food and drugs in the states. This did not go down well with the people. But, in order to make things safer for the consumers, the agency gave a lot of orders to the manufacturers of these products, and this also saw many of them recall some of their products in a gradual manner.

On the part of the masses, the agency had this to say. They advised all the physicians and surgeons to make sure that before they carry out any session on any patient, they should explain to them that the implantation of the said device is on permanent basis. They should also make sure that they tell them all the complications that might arise when this is implanted on them. They are to be told that this will lower the quality of their life, and that the product is not meant to be removed. They should also tell them that if in any case there is need for removal, the process of removal might prove unsuccessful.

On the part of the patients, they are advised by the FDA to make very exhaustive inquiries before they undergo such surgery. This will involve asking the surgeon or physician about the alternative treatments that can be used to cure their conditions, and whether to opt for those alternatives. If the doctor insists that they follow the surgery, they must also demand from the doctor the reason that makes him believe that the surgery is the most viable or superior option for their present condition. When they have decided to get the surgery, they are advised to be very prompt with their checkups, and to also report any side effects noticed during and after the surgery

However, it is also good to note that one other thing about the transvaginal mesh implant recall is the stand that the medical practitioners took. While many advocacy groups are advocating for a complete recall and ban, the Urogynecologic Society, through its president issued a statement that they do not in anyway support the recall and outright ban of the procedure or the products, simply because of the fact that some complications were noticed in some of the users. To them, this will mean undermining some people that has used this without any complications and denying people that will want to use it in the future their rights. For them, the best regulations on this should be left to sensitization on everything concerning the products while leaving the decision to lie in the hands of the patients. The patient should be allowed to choose or reject it after serious education. They also proposed more strict credentialing guidelines, which will insure that only the qualified medical experts are the ones that will be allowed to perform the surgery.

But this did not go down well with the consumer advocacy group. The group throws its weight on a complete ban on the products, citing the fact that they were not tested before they were thrown into the market. For them these meshes should have been tested on humans before releasing them into the market for general use.  They said that there is no significant benefit that is attributed to the use of the mesh, or that the risk involved is so overwhelming that it surpasses all benefits.