General Information on the transvaginal mesh patch issue

If you are not familiar with the issue of the transvaginal mesh patch, and what it is all about, you are better off reading this piece with a very rapt attention. This will give you the basics on this and the issue surrounding it. Now, there are two health conditions that are suffered by women. These two health conditions or illnesses are the stress urinary incontinence, and its brother called pelvic organ relapse. The stress urinary incontinence is a condition that mostly occurs in women due to the weakness of the muscles that surrounds the female pelvis. This weakness is mostly caused by problems experienced during pregnancy and childbirth. Now, the problem with this condition is that due to the weakness witnessed in the pelvic organ, it allows the urethra to leak urine involuntarily from the body. The result of this is that during those regular daily activities like coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercising and others that involve little stress, the witnessed weakness will allow urine to leak from the body of the women involuntarily.  This is also witnessed in men, but it is easily treated.

The next condition is the pelvic organ prolapse, which normally occurs in elderly women. Here, the women suffer some weakness in the muscles and tissues that surrounds the bladder and uterus. This results in these organs shifting from where they are supposed to be, and causing problems to other organs of the body.

Now, in order to give a solution to these problems, the doctors in the US developed a program called the transvaginal mesh patch. Here, they tend to use mesh to strengthen these internal organs that have been weakened in the body. The surgery is meant to keep these organs in place and prevent them from affecting others and preventing them from performing their functions. They are separated with the mesh so that they do not come in contact with each other again. In most cases, this mesh is placed around the wall of the vagina on permanent basis, while in other cases; another surgery is done to remove them.

The surgery has used to correct the problem for a very long time, and it was discovered that it reduced pain and other symptoms in some women. But as time went on, reports of complications caused by this surgery started coming in. Many people complained of scarring, which caused them serious discomfort, pain, infections and urinary problems. Others complained of general reduction in the level of estrogen in their body and the quality of their life. This is as a result of the scars, the shape and size of the mesh placed in their body, and the technique used to place it.

Because of the aforementioned factors, the FDA came out in 2008 and gave a warning that there are lots of risks associated with the surgery. They also posited that surgeons must receive more training on the best ways of performing the surgery and should give proper explanation to the patients about the risk involved in the surgery before any session. According to them, more than 1000 women have reported such complications.

But the latest is that nonprofit organizations and a lot of women advocacy groups have taken it upon themselves to encourage women who have complications and negative health issues coming from the transvaginal mesh patch surgery to take up legal actions against the manufacturers of the mesh used on them. Many have taken to this and received compensations and settlements after winning the court cases.