Examples of transvaginal mesh patch lawsuit

The issue of transvaginal mesh is a complicated one. The truth about it is that the manufacturers of these meshes set out to solve one of the most gruesome problems experienced by the women folk. But due to some sort of negligence, this led them into more problems than it has solved. Now, there are lots of lawsuits established against these manufacturers. These lawsuits are mainly cases of personal injury filed by people that believes they now suffer a lot of problems due to the implant they received. The number of transvaginal mesh patch lawsuits in the US where it is prevalently used has risen to the extent that a single state is said to have up to 500 pending lawsuits. This attests to the level of problem this has brought about.

One of the victims of this goes by the name Scott. She is 33, and in her own case, she complained that she was implanted with a Bard Avaulta Plus mesh in 2008 and this treatment was meant to put a stop to some urinary incontinence that she experienced. But the problem that brought her to the court of law is that she is now suffering from consistent and chronic pain in her vagina, and this pain no longer allows her to have intercourse with her husband, as this has become so painful.

It was only in November 2008 that she got the information that the FDA has issued some warning on the possible problems with the transvaginal mesh implant, and this made her to file the lawsuit in January 2009. While testifying in the law court, she posited that she has not been able to urinate normally for the past six months and that she could only pass out urine with the help of catheter. Other problems that she witnessed are that the bard mesh used on her has protruded through and into her vagina. It also broke into pieces and eroded into her body. It has also intertwined with some of her pelvic organs and tissues. All these make intercourse very impossible for her. The result is that she also experienced lacerations, infections and abscesses. This even got to the extent that she needed a psychologist to help her with the psychological damage, and the psychologist also testified that she will need the therapy all through her life, to be able to live with the condition. After hearing her case, a compensation of $5.5 million was awarded to her by the law court.

Another victim of the transvaginal mesh implant complication had her engagement called off by her fiancé because of the fact that they cannot have sex without pains since after the surgery. She said she understands her partner because it is not his fault. For her, the result of the whole issue has made her life a downward spiral in all ramifications. She said that she has had chronic pelvic pain and some sort of recurring bladder infections. She said that this has also led her to gain some weight, and she now suffers some level of depression. For her, the worst part is that she is now down financially, and this is because of the fact that she is taking many days off from work, so as to undergo tests and some lab work and in the bid to find the appropriate doctor to treat her. She also has a pending transvaginal mesh patch lawsuit.