Types of transvaginal mesh patch implant devices

When we talk about the transvaginal mesh patch implant, we have to be aware of the fact that there are several types of implant that can be used for the treatment of these diseases. One thing to note before we proceed is that all the types of implant that we are to mention below can be used to treat any of the 3 main ailments that these implants are made for. They only vary according to the severity of the case in question, the procedure that is to be employed in the implant and some other factors. With this, we now go into the main types of transvaginal mesh patch implant devices. There are two main types. They are the devices made by man from synthetic materials or ones gotten from the body of animals.

Synthetic mesh patch implant

These are the types of mesh that are made with synthetic materials. They come in different forms. While some come in knitted mesh forms, others come in non knitted mesh forms. They can also be either absorbable or non-absorbable, while some are made with materials that combine the two qualities.

Animal derived mesh

This is the set of meshes that are derived from the body of animals. They are made of animal tissues like the intestines or the skin of animals. These tissues are then processed and treated with proper disinfectants to make them suitable for use in the human body. They are mostly gotten from the body of pigs and cows and have been the most absorbable of all the absorbable meshes.

However, the particular difference between the absorbable and non-absorbable devices is that when it comes to the absorbable devices, they are intended to serve as temporary hold for the organs. This is because of the fact that they will eventually disintegrate and degrade into the body. The idea is that before this happens, new tissues must have grown to support the organs that were hitherto supported by the mesh. But in the place of the non absorbable mesh, they are left in the body on a permanent basis. They continue to hold the organs in place for as long as the person lives. This is because they do not dissolve, and the body does not absolve them.

There are other types of vaginal mesh implants that are used to hold these organs in place. Here, they are divided according to the procedures of the surgery.

The most prevalent of these are the full length implant and the patch sling. The full length is implanted into the vagina through the help of numerous incisions. After this, it is held in place with sutures. This has a length of up to 7 inches, and this makes it the longest of all the implants. The next is called the TVT, and this means the tension-free transvaginal tape.  The insertion of this is the simplest. Here, two small incisions are made around the lower abdomen and pulled through the vagina, to keep it in place. The last of these is the mini sling. It is the most recent of all the implant devices. The most significant thing about this is that it can be carried out or implanted with the use of local simple anesthesia.