Recommendations for Patients before transvaginal mesh patch surgery

These are things that patients must not fail to do before they ever undergo any form of surgery involving the use of transvaginal mesh. This was given as a directive from the FDA in the bid to alleviate, and possibly eradicate the pains and injury caused by the after math of the use of these meshes. The first thing you must know is that when you get the first mesh surgery, there is the possibility that you will need another surgery, because of complications that might arise from the first one. And there is no guarantee that the second surgery will give you a hundred percent solution to the problem created by the first surgery.

The simple thing is that you just have to know that engaging in a transvaginal mesh patch surgery is just a risk, and that nothing is guaranteed about it. Another thing you must do is to demand from your doctor to give you sincere information on whether there are other possible options to repair your own damages, and if there is, you should be given full information about all and allowed to make a choice. This will include whether there are other surgical options or whether there are other options that do not involve surgery. They should let you know why they recommend the use of surgery for the treatment of your own POP.

When you have decided to go ahead with the surgery, there are some questions you must ask your doctor as well. The first of these is whether a mesh will be used for the surgery.  Ask your doctor why he thinks you are a good candidate for surgical mesh and why he thinks the mesh will work on you or will be good in your body.

Now, another thing you must know from them is the pros and cons of making use of surgical mesh for treatment of diseases in general and then the pros and cons of using such in your own particular case. This is a very vital question especially when it comes to the latter. You must know what you should expect as a person, after the surgery. This will make you decide on whether to go on with the transvaginal mesh patch surgery or to back out. They must tell you what you should expect to feel after the surgery and how long this feeling will last.

Again if there are things that you will not be able to do temporarily or permanently due to the surgery, you should also know. This involves getting to know whether your partner will be feeling the mesh during sexual intercourse and whether you will be having pains during such. The next thing borders on the particular product that will be used for your own surgery. Here, you have to ask surgeon whether that particular product has been used on other patients by the doctor before and what the results of such surgery are.

You also need to ask the surgeon whether you will be treated by him or her or referred to a specialist if you are to develop complications after the surgery, whether it will be possible to remove the mesh if it starts giving you problems, and what the consequences of the removal will be.