Lawsuits against Transvaginal Mesh Patch

The transvaginal mesh patch is a permanent biomedical synthetic implantable device designed in order to treat pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence which arise due to the vaginal tissues which have lost their plasticity. Versions of the surgical mesh patch are manufactured by various international and multinational industrial giants who play important roles in

Dr. Peggy Norton of University of Utah Talks About The FDA Warning on Vaginal Mesh

The FDA issued a new warning on July 13, 2011 about the use of mesh in pelvic reconstructive surgeries. Dr. Norton describes some of the risks associated with vaginal mesh commonly used in surgery to correct pelvic prolapse.

Types of transvaginal mesh patch implant devices

When we talk about the transvaginal mesh patch implant, we have to be aware of the fact that there are several types of implant that can be used for the treatment of these diseases. One thing to note before we proceed is that all the types of implant that we are to mention below can

Transvaginal Mesh Patch Recall Details

The Transvaginal Mesh, Vaginal Mesh Implant, Transvaginal mesh patch or Pelvic Mesh was designed and developed in rejoinder to common conditions and side effects of the human females resulting from child birth, hysterectomies and menopause. The patch is a sort of surgical mesh; a biomedical device which is generally made from polyester or polypropylene that

The history of transvaginal mesh patch surgery

It is good to give you a rundown of the origin and history of the controversial transvaginal mesh patch surgery. This is also in the bid to let you know that there is nothing wrong with the surgery itself, because it has been used in ages past to get patients cured of these ailments. The