Overview of transvaginal mesh patch recall

The issues surrounding the recall of some of the transvaginal mesh devices in the market has been a very big debate in many quarters in the US in particular. When the masses noticed that the effects of these mesh implants in women is becoming more harmful than beneficial, there was a lot of outcries on

FDA Warns About The Transvaginal Mesh Patch

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had cautioned that the use of transvaginal mesh can depict patients to a very greater risk of complications than the general contemporary methods of surgical vaginal repair. The FDA has also stated that patients undergoing mesh repair surgery will be prone to experience severe side effects including vaginal

Transvaginal Mesh Surgery Procedures

Introduction: The transvaginal mesh patch surgery is a sling procedure during which the transvaginal mesh patch would be implanted in order to provide the required support around the urethra. Before a female patient is subjected to this type of surgery, she must be well aware of the procedure and also how this sling surgery is

Transvaginal Mesh Patch Implants : Information and Cautions

Transvaginal mesh patch implants are the medical devices that are implanted into the vagina of human females. These implants are known to treat the conditions of weakened and or the damaged tissues. During the year 2010, over 75000 female patients have been implanted with the transvaginal mesh patches in order to provide the necessary strength

Examples of transvaginal mesh patch lawsuit

The issue of transvaginal mesh is a complicated one. The truth about it is that the manufacturers of these meshes set out to solve one of the most gruesome problems experienced by the women folk. But due to some sort of negligence, this led them into more problems than it has solved. Now, there are